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I am an individual responsible for one of the most successful music documentaries worldwide. I am a film maker. An artist. My understanding of balance and flow allows me to trigger emotional response in my audience. The personal attachment I feel toward my subjects allow me to absolutely care about the outcome. In this regard, I am incredibly effective at what I do.

I have one package. A flat rate of $900. I shoot the day in its entirety. All the key moments: ceremony, toasts, dances etc. will be strung together seamlessly with my own developed style so that the wedding is watchable and presentable without excluding anything important such as vows. The quality of service you get from me averages $2,000 but I assure you that price is wedding vendor gouge. I foolishly refuse to adhere to these methods. Let me be one vendor who offers some relief from all the other astronomically priced vendors you've booked.

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